Setting up Recurring Billing for Sales Order

Posted by CuriousRubik on 18 May, 2018

Creating New Sales order for Recurring billing

1. For Recurring Billings we need to use Standard sales order form as it supports both billing schedules and payment methods.


  1. We need to define Billing schedule. We can select existing schedules or create new one.
  2. We need to define Payment Details like payment method ,card details etc.

Creating New Billing Schedules


  1. Enter the name for  Billing schedule
  2. Enter the initial amount which needs to be added in first billing
  3. Define payment terms for first bill
  4. Define billing Frequency
  5. Define recurrence frequency type based on that bill will be scheduled.
  6. Define Recurrence Count which defines no. of bills to be generated
  7. Define recurrence payment terms.

2. On save of sales order payment schedules will be created automatically by system according to the billing schedule as below.


3. On click of Next Bill on sales order system redirects to next pending bill in the schedule and applies the payment details automatically from sales order.


  1. Date shown as the next pending bill date.
  2. If credit card approved checkbox is checked under payments then it will be deposited without approval.

Compnat-cash-sale4.  On click of next bill systems generates bill for next pending scheduled bill.


  1. System generates bill for next pending schedule date.
  2. If credit card approved check box is not checked then system asks for confirm credit card charge.


On click of Ok then system recognizes it as unapproved payment


By using recurring billing user can define billing schedule for a particular order according to that system schedules bills based on recurring frequency.

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