How to use Customer Part Number in NetSuite.

Posted by CuriousRubik on 15 Mar, 2018

Some people calls same item with different name. For example in most of the countries ‘TV channel changer’ calls ‘Remote control’ but in ‘New England’ it calls a ‘Clicker’.  As per business scenario it is one of the most important thing to build healthy relationship between customer and company. NetSuite setup a relationship between item number and customer’s item number as per below mentioned ways.

Steps for ‘Customer Part Number’:

  1. ‘Supply Chain Management’ SuiteApp installation.
  2. Setup & Enabling feature.
  3. Add ‘Customer Part Number’ in ‘Item’ record.
  4. Use ‘Customer Part Number’ in ‘Transactions’.
  1. ‘Supply Chain Management’ SuiteApp installation:
  • Navigation: Customizations > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles.
  • Search with bundle id: 47193.
  • Appear ‘Supply Chain Management’ bundle then install it.
  1. Setup & Enabling feature:
  • Go to Transactions > Management > Supply Chain Management.
  • Click on ‘Preferences’ link then display ‘Supply Chain Preferences’ page.
  • Select ‘features’ tab and click on ‘Customer Part Number’ checkbox.


       3. Add ‘Customer Part Number’ in ‘Item’ record:

  • Open item record and click on ‘Customer Part Number’ subtab.
  • In the ‘Customer Part Number’ field type customer calls name.
  • In the ‘Customer’ field select customer to associated this name.

customer part Number.png

  1.  Use ‘Customer Part Number’ in ‘Transactions’:

When open sales transactions in line level ‘Item’ record appear ‘Customer Part Number’ field. Search with customer calls name ‘Item’ name is sourced automatically.

Note: ‘Customer Part Name’ is displayed based on ‘Customer’

Customer Part Number’ in ‘Transactions.png

Customer part number appear in ‘Printing Transactions’:

When click on ‘Print’ option in ‘Sales Transaction’ records.

Printing Transactions.png

This process eliminates the need to perform a manual conversion of Customer’s item number to  item number prior to entering the order thus reducing man hours expended in a non-value-added activity.

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