Creation of Requisition In NetSuite

Posted by CuriousRubik on 25 Apr, 2018

  Requisition is a transaction generated by various employees of an organisation to request Purchasing department to procure a particular quantity of a material or a service for a particular date.

  • If Approval Routing feature is enabled, requisition requires approval by a supervisor.
  • In Netsuite Requisition can be done through the employee center and through the roles which are having requisition permission.

To Enable Requisition In NetSuite: Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features > Transactions  > Requisition


To create Requisition:

  • In Employee center click on Enter Requisition Button
  • Other than employee center go to requisition as per the administrator instructions


Main Tab:

  • In the Receive by field select the date you want to receive the order
  • Select the department, class, location to associate with the Requisition


  • To Request Items to be purchased click the Items subtab
  • Select the Item and enter the quantity to be purchased
  • Click Save

Remaining all other fields in the form are optional.

Approval flow:

Assigning Supervisor and Approver to the employee: Go to Lists > Employees > List

  • Edit the requester employee record and Select the Supervisor in the supervisor field


  • Write the approval workflow for Requisition approvals.
  • Approver will have the remainder “Requisition To Approve” in employee center.


  • On click of requisition to approve all the pending requisition will be displayed.
  • View the record and you can see approve and reject buttons.


  • Click on approve button to approve the requisition
  • Create Purchase Order” button appears after the supervisor approves the requisition
  • On click of Create Purchase Order it redirects to the Order Requisition Page


  • Select the Requisitions which you want to consolidate and select the same vendor
  • Click submit
  • System asks to Processed Purchase Order, if you want to proceed click ok to create purchase order


  • System Consolidates the vendors and create the purchase order for each vendor

By using Requisition employees can request the purchasing department to purchase goods and services required. Purchasing department can consolidate the requisition of various employees into single purchase order or can create purchase order for each requisition.

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