How to Add or Remove  Nexuses from a Subsidiary

Posted by CuriousRubik on 27 Mar, 2018

Go to Setup > Company > Classifications > Subsidiaries

Adding Nexus to a subsidiary:

If the subsidiary has valid registration to collect tax from that nexus, then you can add that nexus under the subsidiary.

  • Edit the subsidiary for which you want to add nexus.
  • Then click on nexus subtab.
  • Select the nexus which you want to add to this subsidiary and add the line.
  • For creating new nexus check Setting up Nexus and Taxes in NetSuite.


Removing Nexus from a subsidiary:

Before removing nexus from a subsidiary check if that subsidiary has associated transactions. If the subsidiary has transactions linked to that nexus then system restricts from removing and throws an alert. So you need to delete or void those transactions before removing nexus.

  • Delete or void those transactions
  • Then edit subsidiary and remove nexus from the list and save the subsidiary.


Deleting Tax Nexuses:

Go to Setup > Accounting > Taxes > Nexuses.

Before Deleting nexus check whether that nexus has associated transactions, If that nexus has associated transactions first delete or modify those transactions else system throws an alert and restricts from deleting.

  • Check associated transactions for that nexus
  • Delete or modify those transactions
  • Edit the nexus which you want to delete
  • Select actions and delete the nexus.

Nexus1-1.pngBased on the requirement you can add nexuses to the subsidiary, and if required you can remove or delete nexuses. But before deleting you need to check whether any transactions are associated with that nexus.

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