How to create & give access to employee in Netsuite

Posted by CuriousRubik on 22 Mar, 2018

Employee Management Overview

Netsuite helps in managing your employees by tracking employee information in a employee record.

You can classify employees by assigning them to subsidiaries, departments, classes and locations. Each record includes employee basic information and contact information.

1. Adding an employee in NetSuite

To add an employee

Go to Lists > Employees > Employees > New

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2.  Primary Information:

Under primary information you can track employee basic information like:

  • `Name
  • Employee ID
  • Assign supervisor for that employee
  • Attach employee image
3.  Email | Phone | Address:

You can track employee contact information like

  • Mobile Phone
  • Office Phone
  • E- mail
  • Fax Number

4.  Classification:

You can tag employees to different classifications which helps in reporting like to view employees belonging to particular departments , or to check transactions by filtering with classifications.Some sample classifications are

  • Subsidiary
  • Department
  • Class
  • Location
5.  Communication:
  • In communication tab you can view files received and also attach new files.
  • Emails received will be displayed under communication tab.
6.  Address:

Add employee address under address tab and you can define multiple addresses for an employee

  • You can define which is default shipping address.
  • You can define which is default billing address.

7.  Human Resources:    

  • Sales Rep: Check this box if you want to assign employee as a sales representative.
  • Support Rep: Check this box if you want to assign employee as a support representative
  • Project Resource: Check this box if you want to assign this employee as a resource for project.
  • Expense & Purchase Approver and Limit: Define expense and purchase approvers for this employee
  • Define expense and purchase approval limits.
8.  Access:

If you want to give role access for this employee

  • Enter employee Email in contact information
  • Check Give Access Checkbox
  • Enter password and Confirm Password
  • Define Roles under roles tab for which you want to give access.
9.  System Information:

All the changes performed on that record will be listed under system Information, You can have info like date, who modified and which field was changed with old value and new value for evaluation

In Netsuite employee management helps in tracking employee information and provide NetSuite system access by giving access and assigning roles.You can view and attach employee related documents.Manage employees based on classifications.

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