NetSuite Adds New Mobile, Headcount Analytics, Payroll and Taleo Integration Features in SuitePeople

Posted by CuriousRubik on 17 May, 2018

Many small companies who are looking to find ways to become more competitive and effective are implementing HR and talent best practices as key elements of their success. NetSuite has added meaningful new investments to SuitePeople to help companies differentiate themselves with their key talent.

Today’s employees want to connect and work with their colleagues the same way they do in their personal lives: on their phones! Businesses can now drive productivity and collaboration with the new Mobile Employee Directory. Employees can now search for fellow employees and view their profile information from a mobile device quickly and easily. With a single click, employees can contact colleagues via mobile, SMS or email to work seamlessly and effortlessly.

NetSuite customers can also reduce their risk of payroll errors with the new Payroll Dashboard. Key payroll administrative actions have been centralized into one action center, allowing administrators to initiate a payroll batch run, check integrity by comparing a payroll run with another period for accuracy confirmation and investigate any variances they might find.

The new Headcount & Turnover Analytics provides the ability to view period-over-period snapshots delivering insight into longer-term headcount and turnover trends. Company leadership gains the insight to know if turnover problems are critical and need attention or if they’re on track.

The new Absence Management Enhancements make it quick and easy for managers to deal with time off requests. They can cancel, reject, or approve requested time-off with included explanations within the SuitePeople system.

Fresh talent is the lifeblood of most companies and now you can leverage the best sourcing and recruiting software available today with fill your key open positions. SuitePeople is now integrated with Taleo Business Edition, allowing customers to open a job requisition in NetSuite and seamlessly integrate it with Taleo Business Edition to support candidate sourcing and selection. Once the perfect candidate is identified and an offer is accepted, the candidate profile information is automatically passed to SuitePeople and he/she is setup as a new hire which will speed your time to hire and productivity.

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