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Posted by CuriousRubik on 11 Apr, 2018

NetSuite has strong calendar capabilities, using these calendar portlets you can coordinate the projects internally and also as an additional benefit we can track the employee usage and eliminates the external scheduling system. These calendars can be published to your teams and you can restrict by giving permissions to specific groups or employees.

Note: You can add multiple portlets, select the required portlet from personalize dashboard list (example: You can add five calendars, for your reference please see below below image).


  • You can change the calendar view to see day, week, or monthly view.
  • You can schedule event, call or task by clicking on the date.
  • By default, the calendar portlet displays My Calendar.


If you go to the Activities subtab, you can find the calendar dashboard portlet.

Go to  Activities(Subtab) >> Scheduling >> Calendar.


Events are scheduled activities that are automatically added to your calendar when they are created and you are in the attendees list. An event has a date, start time and end time. You can define attendees list , resources required for that event. Events can be where people join and participate. To create a new shared calendar, Go to the Activities Tab > Scheduling> Create Event.

In the Resources Tab you can select employees or groups , to create a new Resource Group select New at the bottom of the dropdown and add the employees you wish to share the calendar with. You can set reminders for the events by selecting reminder type and reminder durations.


Below is the process for creating a new Resource Group for events. Note  that you can specify the access level for each employee. In the Sharing field, you can specify employees in the company who can see the group when creating new calendars.

Access Level:  Give permissions according to the requirements like view/Edit/Full.

Sharing: Shared with only employees or groups selected.

Public  – Allow everyone with full access to this calendar.

Defined Below – Assign specific employees different levels of access to this calendar.

Define each employee and the access level in the list below, and click Add.


In NetSuite calendar portlets help you to make effective use of your work time. Using the calendar you can schedule events, tasks, phone calls which reminds you about your tasks

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