Void a Customer Payment in a Closed Period

Posted by CuriousRubik on 06 Aug, 2014

On a closed period a payment record cannot be voided without reopening the period. As a workaround a reverse journal entry can be created to apply against the payment transaction to essentially cancel the payment. Perform the below steps to Void a Customer Payment in a closed period.

Allow Non-G/L changes

  • Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Manage Accounting Periods
  • Click on the period in which the payment was recorded in order to edit the base period
  • Ensure "Allow Non-G/L Changes" is checked on as true


Unlink existing payment record from Invoice

  • Navigate to the payment record that needs to be a void
  • Click Edit
  • Uncheck any invoices that the payment has been applied to

Note: The status of these invoices may change

  • Save the payment record
  • Click OK when prompted to save an unapplied payment for the customer
  • Navigate to “GL impact” under ‘More Actions’ to note the GL Impact as the reverse journal entry will reverse the accounts affected

Creating Reverse Journal Entry

  • Navigate to Make Journal Entries from Transactions > Financial
  • Enter reversing journal entry (reversing entry to the GL impact of the payment above)
  • Ensure that the correct customer is selected under the "Name" column


  • Click Save

Adding Payment to Reverse Journal Entry

  • Navigate to the payment record and click edit
  • Check the checkbox of the Reverse Journal entry created in the previous step
  • Click Save
  • The payment will be applied to the reversing Journal Entry.
  • Navigate to Manage Accounting Periods and ‘Uncheck’ the “Allow Non-G/L changes” in the corresponding accounting period.

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