Tip to Create a Sales Order with Items that are invoiced on Different Dates

Posted by CuriousRubik on 08 Aug, 2014

Perform the below steps to Invoice the multiple items of a sales order on different dates:

  1. Create 2 Billing Schedules and add them to the Items on the Sales Order depending on Invoice Date
    • Navigate to Transactions > Sales > Enter Sales Orders > New
    • Enter the Customer
    • Enter the Item in the Items tab
    • In the Billing Schedule column in the Items tab select the Billing Schedule for each Item that matches the date to be invoiced.
    • Click Save
  2. Billing_Schedules
  3. Repeat Step 1 for all the items which are to be invoiced on a different date
  4. Create the Sales order and assign a billing schedule per line item
  • Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Billing Schedules > New
  •  Enter a Name
  •  Set Initial Amount to zero
  • Recurrence Frequency = Custom
  • Recurrence Count = 1
  • Units = (Custom)
  • Date = Enter the data on which the Items are to be Invoiced
  • Amount = 100%

In the Billing tab of the Order there should be as many dates as schedules created with the amounts to be invoiced on each of those dates.

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