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Posted by CuriousRubik on 01 Sep, 2015

At one point or another, most organisations consider implementing NetSuite to increase efficiency in their business operations. These organisations will require assistance from an experienced NetSuite partner. Planning and establishing a long-term working relationship with right NetSuite partner will help with internal adoption and increase the likelihood of a successful NetSuite ERP implementation. It’s very easy for a vendor to walk you through how NetSuite system completes specific tasks. But what does it look like for your business? Preparing a script with a few business processes that the vendor will work through the NetSuite system not only ensures they understand your requirements but helps you to see if the system will really work for you (and possibly improve your processes).

Since all of these services require significant technical knowledge of NetSuite, most businesses require a qualified and reliable partner.

Nowadays, many different vendors in New York have started offering such NetSuite services. Thus, finding the right partner has become extremely challenging. Many of these vary in their ability, ERP experience, and industry knowledge, making the choice even more confusing. You’ve probably heard stories of how ERP implementation costs spiraled out of control, costing thousands more than the original estimate. Unfortunately, this happens, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. Ask the NetSuite vendor to provide you with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) which should include:

1 – Annual license fees

2 – Fixed Implementation fees (training and consulting)

3 – Annual Support

4 – Any other fees not included in the proposal

Over the years, we’ve been able to identify several factors that contribute to a successful NetSuite implementation. By following these steps as you go through the implementation process you will dramatically improve the odds of generating the great results you expect.

New York NetSuite Partner

All organisations acknowledge that having a NetSuite partner can be a hugely positive influence on their productivity. The expertise required from a New York NetSuite partner are paramount to transform your business processes.

If you are looking for a leading NetSuite partner in New York, look for the following qualities:


Your ideal NetSuite partner must have experience accumulated over the course of many years. With experience come expertise and a vast portfolio of customers in different sectors and industries. Going with a NetSuite service provider with experience is a safer choice, because if someone out there is surviving the competition, they must be doing something right. Scope the business process in detail, even if you are doing a minimal implementation. Too many companies scope only the starting point, only to discover that adding capabilities means having to go back again and again.

Avoid Heavy Customisation

ERP gets a bad rap when it comes to costs, and a lot of that is due to heavy NetSuite customisations most of which end up in the shelf over the period. During the NetSuite demonstrations, be open to new processes and best practices in the software than how you currently do something. You might be surprised to see that there’s a better and easier way to do something, and it’s already included in the software. This also helps to avoid future maintenance and support costs.


Official credentials are the most legitimate indicator of a NetSuite partner’s credibility. NetSuite offers a certification program, and a reliable partner would employ professionals certified through those programs.


Creating trust in an industry is an extremely difficult and demanding task. While you may have checked their credentials, their experience, and the recognition they have attained over the years, you still might find it hard to trust them. You should meet with their representatives in-person or via video chat, and make sure that they are the right fit for your organisation. The best NetSuite partners have the tools and expertise to manage every detail of the implementation. They keep you and themselves on task, on budget and most importantly, on time which is key for an ERP implementation. And your partner has the benefit of multiple NetSuite ERP implementations…at least they should. You get to do this once; they do it for a living.More importantly, they are available to provide critical skills you probably don’t have in-house: long-term strategy, as well as specific data, integration and process design capabilities. Tap into that skill and experience; it’s one of the intangible benefits that can convert a complex implementation process into a turbo boost for your company’s long-term growth prospects.

NetSuite partners that have worked with companies similar to yours are a much better choice in this regard, because they will be familiar with the industry and your requirements. 

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