NetSuite User Adoption

Posted by CuriousRubik on 01 Sep, 2015

End-users need training to hit the ground running with any new software system. NetSuite’s
User Adoption Strategy and Tailored Training for End-Users drive success, accelerate user
adoption and help users become productive fast.

User Adoption Strategy
1 – Behavioral change is fundamental to your success! NetSuite offers consulting services,
aligned to five key tenets, to help your end-users embrace the new system and become strong
partners in achieving your corporate objectives:
2 – Alignment: Ensure your objectives, benefits, management team and end-users are
strategically positioned around the change initiative.
3 – Communication: Create a strong communication plan to promote awareness and minimize
4 – Training: Educate users on fully tested technology using a role-based, day-in-the-life
approach to drive appropriate system usage.
5 – Support: Create a support plan to promote user proficiency and continuing education.
6 – Measurement: Motivate users through incentives and predetermined performance goals.

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