In order to use drag and drag functionality in NetSuite first install the following bundle by navigating through Customization–> SuiteBundler –> Search and Install Bundles.

Bundle Name: File Drag and Drop

Bundle ID: 41309

Step 1: 


Step 2:

1. Notice that after installation there will be a new center category added under documents folder. Drag and Drop files –> File Cabinet

2. After installation Drag and Drop feature will be available for all employees in the company, but still under Home –> Set Preference –>Custom preference there will an option for employees to enable/disable the feature in user account.

Step 3:

Navigate to Setup —> Customization –> File Drag and Drop Setup and set default preferences like.

1. Setting up default folder

2. Enabling for this feature for different record types.

Drag-and-Drop-23. Click on Save & Next and Finish


1. Single time multiple files can be uploaded

2. Upload files directly from fields


3. Users can drop files to line level



1. Ensure to have files tab on form level, if files tab is removed drop zone area will not appear.

2. File size should not exceed 10 MB