Know how to Issue Customer Refund through Gift Certificate

Posted by CuriousRubik on 07 Aug, 2014

Perform the following steps to Issue a Customer Refund to a customer through a “Gift Certificate”

  • Open the credit memo of the customer
  • Create a new Invoice instead of issuing a Refund
  • In the Invoice select the Gift Certificate Item
  • Select the same ‘Customer’ name used in the ‘Credit Memo’
  • A new code will be sent to the email address entered in the Gift Certificate Column
  • Save the Invoice after entering all the applicable details
  • The Status of the Invoice will be ‘Open’
  • Use the ‘Credit Memo’ as a ‘Payment’ for the ‘Invoice’
  • Accept the Payment from the Invoice
  • On the Payment page, navigate to Invoices subtab of the ‘Applies’ tab
  • Check the apply box next to the Invoice
  • Navigate to Apply > Credits and check the ‘Apply’ box on the credit memo
  • Check the Payment Amount field, change it to $0 and make sure that ‘To Apply’ and ‘Applied’ amounts are equal.
  • Save the Payment transaction

Topics: ERP

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