How to show the Customer Deposit as a Line Item on Sales Order

Posted by CuriousRubik on 25 Aug, 2014
Perform the below steps to show the customer deposit as a lint item on a Sales Order:
  1. Create a Payment type Item
a. Navigate to Payment from List > Accounting > Items >New
b. Enter an Item Name

Note: This account will only be used on a Sales Order so any account associated with this item will not be impacted, since Sales Order is a non-posting transaction.

      2.  Edit the Sales Order where a deposit has been entered

a. Navigate to Items tab
b. In the last row add the item created from Step 1
c. Enter the amount for the Deposit in the Rate field and place a negative sign(-) before the amount
d. Click Save.
Note: Remove this line item on the invoice when billing the customer

Topics: ERP

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