How to Handle Assembly Work Orders in NetSuite

Posted by CuriousRubik on 19 Feb, 2018

A work order is control your production and flow of inventory within your business, it means track the assembly items required for stock. work order representing a each step of physical work to be completed in a warehouse and track the availability of each component an assembly that need to be built.

The Basic Process Flow is this:

Example: Stock and sell the assembled computers the flow is,

  • First, track the  required computers quantity for assembled.
  • Track the how much member items are available in stock.
  • Track the Finished goods and raw materials.
  • Track the how many computers are assembled. Finally computers are stocked (or) Sold.

There are two types of work orders i.e,

  • Special order work order: Special order is a one time customer order. Track assemblies to build for particular sale, assembly items are sold in which date, how much member items are committed for finishing the goods.
  • Production Work order: It is used to track the how much assemblies is required to increase the stock it is not included in customer orders (or) Particular sale.

Work order Implementation Process:

  1. Enable the work order feature in netsuite:

Go to Setup > Company > Enable features > Items & Inventory tab > check Work order

Work orders.png

  1. Work Order Creation.
  • In Administrator A/c, Go to Transactions > Manufacturing > Enter Work orders
  • In one world account you must select the Subsidiary.
  • It is used to track the assemblie items in production for stock. Work Orders are not depended on the transactions. In this you enter the components of assembly items to built.
  • In Netsuite, creating work order is optional step in the manufacturing process. But it is communicate to production, what you want to made and how many components are they need to use etc..


  1. Mass Creating Work Orders:  A work order is a non-posting transaction. Work orders are generated when the assembly backorder quantities are equal & Greater than to build point.  After reached the build point a work order is added in the Mass create Work Orders Queue . After submit the record the work order is automatically generated. When this work order is completed the assemblie is increased and then open the sales order for committed items.

In Administrator A/c, Go to Transactions > Manufacturing > Mass Create Work Orders.

  • Select Location, to show the work orders on that location only.
  • Select the department & class for tracking purpose.
  • In Time Phased Items subtab, enter the order start date & end date. Work orders are displayed in with in the date range.

Assembly work order flow chart


By using assembly Work orders, you can track the assembly items required for stock and control the entire production flow in your business.

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