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Posted by CuriousRubik on 01 Sep, 2015

Global Search in NetSuite has always been easy but to make it much easier and precise we can use the following options:

• Use search prefixes: We can narrow the search to records of one type by adding a prefix to the search string, it is made up of some of the letters of the record plus a ‘:’ or ‘^’ followed by the keyword.

• List of global search prefixes are:


• Search for multiple text strings at once. We can use OR as a separator between the keywords. In order to be recognized as a Separator ‘OR’ must be used as an Upper Case Letter.

•To treat each word as a spate keyword and to return exact matches per keyword we can also use ‘Space or Hyphen’ between words.

•To make a search in the ‘Inactive’ records use ‘+’ to the keywords.

•To Search for a specific dashboard add prefix “dash” followed by the keyword

•To search for the exact matches use Quotations (“) or Backslash (\)

Topics: Customization, NetSuite, Global business

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