Mass Delete Records easily in NetSuite

Posted by CuriousRubik on 05 Apr, 2013

Deleting records is one of the tiresome processes in any application; fortunately NetSuite


• Enable “Inline Editing” feature under “Data Management”

Path: Setup -> Company -> Enable Features -> Company -> Data Management -> Inline Editing (Yes)

• We should be careful while deleting the records as this is irreversible.

• Not all record types support “Inline Editing”


1. Create a saved search that returns the records to be deleted.

2. Run the search and turn on inline editing at the top of the page:

mass 1

3. From the first record in the list, click within any editable column, indicated by a pencil icon as shown below:

mass 2


4. Select a batch to delete:

a. Hold the Shift key then mouse-click the last line within the column to delete the entire batch. The selected column will display a dotted border when selected.

b. Hold the Ctrl key then mouse-click on specific lines within the column to only delete specific records from the list

5. Once all records intended for deletion are selected, press Delete. Click OK from the pop-up warning to continue.


Note: We can increase the Maximum Entries in the search results to delete the records.

Path: Home-> Setup Preferences->General->Optimizing NetSuite->Maximum Entries in Dropdowns (Change the value to 300)





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