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Posted by CuriousRubik on 02 Sep, 2013

search and field on custom field 1

From 2013.2 releases NetSuite came up with new feature which allows users to place a summarized value in a custom field.

Lets take a scenario:

On Sales order record user want to know total quantity ordered on all line items, before 2012.2 release this scenario can be archived only by developing a script, now it’s completely a functional task.


Steps for Creating a Summary Search Custom Field

  • Create a summary saved search that rolls up to the result you want to display in the custom field.

Go to Reports - Saved - Searches - New - Transaction

  • Under “Criteria” tab filter out any records/lines you do not want included in the rollup value.
    search and field on custom field 2
  • Under “Results” tab define a search results field for which values will be rolled up, and select a summary type. (Note: Only Count, Sum, Minimum, Maximum, and Average are supported)

In our scenario select“Quantity” as the results field and set a summary type of Sum.

search and field on custom field 3

  • Finally Under “Filters” tab define an available filter field. This field is used to filter search results to include only those records with available filter field values that match the available filter field value of the current record.In our scenario select filter as Name

search and field on custom field 4

Now create field on Sales order record and assign the saved search created under “Sourcing and Filtering” subtab

Note: Ensure to uncheck “Store Value” field on custom record.

search and field on custom field 5

The main limitation which we can observe is as values are not stored, this kind of field is not useful in search searches or reports.

search and field on custom field 6

search and field on custom field 7




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