Quantity Pricing Schedules

Posted by CuriousRubik on 11 Nov, 2013

Quantity pricing schedules are templates which we can apply to items to generate purchase and sale prices. When we apply a quantity pricing schedule to an item, the prices for all price levels are created dynamically.Before we can use this feature in NetSuite we have to enable it at: Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features (Administrator)>Transactions subtab>Quantity Pricing box (Yes)

To create a pricing schedule:

  • Lists > Accounting > Quantity Pricing Schedules > New (Administrator).
  • Enter a name for the schedule.
  • If we want to base the quantity pricing schedule on a unit of measure rather than numeric quantity, select the unit type and the unit used in the schedule.
  • Check the Use Marginal Rates box if you want the quantity discounts in the schedule to beapplied to each pricing bracket separately.


For example, a schedule offers no discount for the first 100 items sold and a 5% discountif more than 100 are sold. If 150 items are sold, the first 100 are at normal price, and the other fifty items are sold at 5% discount. Leave this box clear if you want the discount to apply to all of the items sold.

  • In the Calculate Quantity Discounts field, choose how to determine the quantity for the purpose of pricing:
    • By Line Quantity - pricing is applied according to the quantity included in the line item.
    • By Overall Item Quantity - pricing is applied for all line items for the same item ona transaction.
    • By Overall Parent Quantity - pricing is applied for all items with the same parent item on the transaction. This can be useful for applying quantity pricing to matrixitems.
    • By Overall Schedule Quantity - pricing is applied to all items that use the same pricingschedule that are included in the transaction.
    • In the Quantity and Discount fields enter the brackets for the schedule.
    • Click Save

Quantity Pricing Schedules

  • When we open a new Item record at the ‘Sales/Pricing’ tab select the quantity pricing schedule to generate prices for that item.

Quantity Pricing Schedules 1

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