Step 1:

Go to >> Setup >> Suite Commerce Advanced >> Setup Website >> Click on edit

Step 2:

Click on “Advanced” tab

  • Select the image domain
  • Select the image folder

Creating image folder.

They are two ways are creating folders

  • By clicking in “+” symbol next to image folder field


  • Go to >> Setup >> Suite Commerce Advanced >> Web Hosting Files

Click on live hosting files and click on New Folder



  • Image file format : Based on Item ID Delimiter and Structure Delimeter image file  format will be created. Like [Item ID Delimiter]_{Category1}-{Category2}
  • Item Identifer : Selet the item identifier to choose a field on item records that system can use link image files with item records.
    • Note: – This can be any Diplay name, UPC Code, URL Component or any custom field   type free form text
  • Item ID Delimiter :  The default value is an underscore (_). It is used to parse the item identifier from the image file name.
  • Structure Delimiter: The default value is a double dash (–). The Structure Delimiter is used to add information to the image file.



Configuring Image for an Item:

Example : We are setting an image for an item name “Black Belt”

  • Rename image to “ Black belt _0” if we have one image
  • If we need to add mutiple images for an item image name format should be like below
    • Image 1: Black belt _0
    • Image 2: Black belt _1
    • Image 3: Black belt _2
    • Image n: Black belt _n
  • Upload image to folder which we selected in “Image Folder”
  • Now veiw the item record an image will be attached but in webstore item image will be displayed.

Updating Field set for displaying Image in Website:

  • Add “Item Images(Detail)” in field sets to display item images in website.
  • Please make sure that field set updated in” Itemkeymapping.js”. Path to access Itemkeymapping.js is

Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > SSP Applications > NetSuite Inc. – Shopping > Custom ShopFlow1 > js > src > app