Tips for Successful CSV Imports

Posted by CuriousRubik on 01 Sep, 2015

In order to set up your CSV files correctly before importing:

  • Review guidelines for the specific record type of data you want to import, in the Supported Record Types for CSV Import section.
  • Review information about the sublist data that can be imported for the record type you want to import, meaning the related data, for example address data for customer records, or pricing data for item records, in Importing Sublist Data. This information includes a complete list of sublists supported for import, and identification of which sublists are keyed for selective updates.
  • Determine whether auto-generated numbering is enabled for the record type of imported data, and review the related effects, in Effects of Auto-Generated Numbers during Imports.
  • Review general requirements and limitations for imported CSV files, in General CSV File Conventions and related topics.

Topics: Customization, NetSuite

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