Moving Beyond QuickBooks Business Accounting Software to Truly Run Your Business

Posted by CuriousRubik on 22 Aug, 2015

An established, growing business has different needs and responsibilities than a startup, and that need is particularly strong when it comes to business accounting software. Thousands of companies have made the switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite because of the greater capabilities and anytime/anywhere access offered in the NetSuite cloud.

Yet, NetSuite provides much more than just accounting software. It enables companies to streamline business processes, automate operations, reduce duplicate effort and eliminate double data entry, and get better visibility into business performance across their entire organization, from sales to fulfillment and support. Manufacturers and distributors reap immediate benefits from our support for bills of materials, kits, and assemblies. Multiple warehouses can be rolled up to a single inventory view, no matter where they are in the world. Selling that inventory is as simple as activating NetSuite's eCommerce capabilities—something which requires integration with a separate shopping cart with QuickBooks. Adding support for new sales tax rates is easy, and in many locations already supported automatically.

The integrated database and comprehensive ERP, CRM and eCommerce capabilities in NetSuite mean that all stakeholders are always on the same page. Instead of relying on batch-processed reports, you can provide instantaneous analysis and dashboards to your sales team, vendors, customer service personnel, warehouse staff and back-office personnel no matter where they are. This cohesive view of your business activities can boost customer satisfaction, reduce stock outs while also cutting inventory carrying costs, and provide convenient self-service options for everything from vendor payments to reverse logistics.

Additionally, NetSuite offers immediate access to important business data anytime, anywhere via any Web browser on any device.

And NetSuite will continue to grow as your business grows. Upgrades are provided automatically and customizations are also carried forward automatically. Developers are continually innovating new SuiteApps which extend NetSuite's capabilities into new vertical markets and unique use cases.

Want to know more about how and why a transition from QuickBooks to NetSuite can enhance your business?Space is still available on February 6 for an informative webinar featuring live testimonials from companies that have outgrown QuickBooks and made NetSuite their business accounting software choice. Visit to sign up today!

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