Oracle NetSuite Social Impact Celebrates Pro Bono Week

Posted by CuriousRubik on 28 Oct, 2019

Oracle NetSuite Social Impact celebrated Pro Bono Week by hosting its first-ever Santa Monica Buildathon 4Good this week. Over 30 NetSuite employees worked side by side with members of four organizations -- Paws of LA, Sundance Institute, Found Animals and the CDC Foundation -- in a friendly competition to automate a variety of key business processes.

Paws of LA, a shelter to rescue and find homes for abandoned and neglected dogs, walked into the day with the goal of automating donor emails to save time. Their NetSuite team created an automated dashboard, resulting in an easy way to capture contacts.

“The Buildathon 4Good team helped us become more effective with our data and now we can focus on saving more dogs,” said Carolina Rodriguez, CEO of Paws of LA. Paws of LA is one of the nearly 90 organizations that have participated in NetSuite Buildathon 4Good events globally past year.

Pro Bono Week takes place every year in October and celebrates those who provide their skills and professional expertise to support nonprofits all around the world. NetSuite is proud to have such a robust Suite Pro Bono program which includes our quarterly virtual pro bono program, Buildathon 4Good, business pro bono and the annual Hackathon 4Good.

NetSuite employees enjoy getting away from their desks to help nonprofit customers

“For me, the Buildathon is always a day that I look forward to and always cherish, bringing everyone together in one room with common goals and focus always reminds me of the good work we do for our customers,” said NetSuite Principal Consultant, Lindsey Footitt. “It’s so rewarding to see nonprofit’s days brightened and willing to come together to grow themselves and NetSuite Social Impact as a whole.”

Suite Pro Bono Accelerates Nonprofits Beyond Buildathons

Social Impact organizations are also supported through the Suite Pro Bono program – NetSuite employees have given more than 6,000 hours helping some of the 1,500 nonprofit organizations with their NetSuite use and also support them with challenges outside of the software; including marketing, operational, IT, web and operational development.

The nonprofit, Child Advocates of Connecticut recently completed a pro bono project for its website re-design.

“Our recent project was especially gratifying,” said Stacey G. Sobel, executive director of CASA of Connecticut. “We deeply thank our pro bono team for their dedication and hard work to create a new website. We are so proud of the new site.”

The Social Impact team continues to celebrate our Pro Bono champions every day and are dedicated to helping our social impact organizations thrive.

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