New Year, New Reasons to Migrate Off of QuickBooks Accounting Software

Posted by CuriousRubik on 22 Aug, 2015

The New Year not only brings new opportunities, but for many companies it is also a time to evaluate performance goals and decide whether their business management and accounting software systems still provide the right tools to support growth.  Many of those businesses find themselves taking a close look at QuickBooks accounting software, the financial system they grew up on. They find that, as they mature, add customers and expand to new locations, they need a better, more complete business management solution that can not only keep pace, but help them accelerate their growth. High-growth companies need to streamline processes, automate operations, reduce duplicate effort and data entry, and get better visibility into performance across their entire operations, from sales to fulfillment to accounting. They often find that QuickBooks can’t do that. As a result, thousands of growing companies have switched from QuickBooks to NetSuite. Many simply outgrew the limitations of the program and are looking to improve productivity and operational efficiency by eliminating the processes and workarounds they were forced to introduce to make their accounting software work.

Others tired of the tangle created by countless spreadsheets and data silos, and the repetitive manual tasks these products require. Rather than continue to rely on systems like QuickBooks when they have simply outlived their usefulness and can no longer provide a comprehensive view of business activities, these businesses made the natural leap to the NetSuite cloud. External spreadsheets and reports have been replaced by the real-time dashboards and analytics available to all NetSuite users and users around the globe all have the same view of customer data, inventory, sales, receivables and all other core metrics – with 24/7 anytime anywhere access.

If you would like to hear from some of our customers first-hand on why they switched from QuickBooks to NetSuite and their experience during and after the process, join us for a webinar on February 6th. During the event, JP Headley, Corporate Controller of SOLiD, a publicly-traded global telecom manufacturer, Gemell Davis, Controller of CIRCA, a luxury jewelry buyer and Phil Wofford, board member and acting CFO of Accelerated Claims, which processes the medical claims of motor vehicle accident victims, will share the challenges they faced on their old accounting software and best practices for successfully making the transition to NetSuite after outgrowing QuickBooks accounting software. To sign up for the webinar “Why Companies Are Switching to the Cloud to Fuel Their Growth,” please go here.

The webinar is free, and much more fun than flipping through dozens of outdated spreadsheets. If you would like to know more about improving visibility and performance, and gaining cutting-edge functionality through automated, free upgrades, please join us!

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