Advance Your Website Development Skills with the New SuiteCommerce Developer Certification Program

Posted by CuriousRubik on 23 Jan, 2017

A stellar ecommerce site hinges on the skills and abilities of a company’s software developers. With NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce platform, you can fully customize your ecommerce site to enhance customer shopping experiences and adapt to the ever-changing forces shaping your company. To help advance your SuiteCommerce website development skills, NetSuite now offers its SuiteCommerce Developer Certification Program.

By deepening your organization’s SuiteCommerce expertise, your developers become more valuable to your business and your customers. Specifically, the SuiteCommerce Developer Certification Program helps our customers and partners take full advantage of NetSuite’s ecommerce technology. Those who earn their certification will have the knowledge and skills needed to create, extend and implement SuiteCommerce. The broad subject areas covered in the exam include SuiteCloud, APIs and services, SuiteCommerce Advanced applications, account configurations and set-up, and design fundamentals.

Developers who have yet to develop their first NetSuite web stores should first enroll in the SuiteCommerce Advanced for Developers (Denali-Mont Blanc) course. This five-day course includes the latest editions of the SuiteCommerce platform. Through a series of practical real-life scenarios and hands-on exercises, the course is designed to help participants acquire the skills needed to create SuiteCommerce websites and pass the certification exam. Go to the SuiteTraining Course Schedule to find upcoming class dates and times, and enroll in a class. That said, anyone who already has experience developing web stores with SuiteCommerce, and is up to date on the current functionality, is likely ready to attempt the certification exam.

SuiteCommerce Developer Certification is well worth the investment. Whether your company needs an injection of NetSuite expertise to take you or your clients' business to the next level, or you're an IT professional or power business user and would like to increase your value to your current and future employers, SuiteCommerce Developer Certification may be just the advantage you've been looking for.

Find more information about the SuiteCommerce Developer Certification and our other certifications here.

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